Teachers training

Professional Development

We train our own teachers and other teachers and motivate them to improve their skills through training. Hope Preschool will conduct professional development in both formal and informal frameworks throughout the school year. These will be headed and facilitated by the educational advisor.

On bi-weekly visits, teachers will receive feedback at the end of the teaching sessions after observation by the educational advisor. Teachers will also get opportunities monthly to observe model lessons taught by the educational advisor and ask questions. Professional development trainings will also be offered quarterly to teachers at Hope Nursery School as well as other teachers in the area who wish to attend.

These training sessions will focus on hands-on materials to improve teaching strategies and participants will be expected to actively participate in creating lessons for each subject. Each training session will be a minimum of 6 hours.

Videos will be made available to teachers to help them learn more best practice strategies for teaching preschool age children. English for teachers will be strengthened by using the Rosetta Stone installed on the laptop computer provided to the teachers.