HAF in Education


The current school population is 103 but with the construction, the school will host more than 200 students. By serving these students, we will address the need to access early education and the primary readiness. By being ready for primary school, the students will be successful in their future learning and eligible for scholarship. The international Education advisor, Mrs Janet Robertson will ensure quality and standards are set and institutionalized.

In order to allow parents to be involved in their children education, the school’s facilities will be used in afternoons for adult literacy(targeting mainly women) and also in guidance and counseling for secondary students.

Hope Nursery School was set up by Hope Assistance Foundation to implement its vision of providing educational services to most vulnerable. The rationale behind the selection of this community is that in that sector there is no formal Preschool. In addition, these children come from poorest families and they cannot have access to that kind of education otherwise. By offering them free preschool education, they will be ready for primary school and become more competitive in the future. The chain of poverty will therefore be broken through education. The school will also serve as a training center for preschool teachers. This is already being done with the help of the international education advisor.

In the implementation process, Mrs Janet Robertson has been volunteering as Education Advisor by providing her high level expertise to increase the quality of education through setting standards and professional development.

  • Hope Nursery School is a children education initiative in Ndego Sector(Eastern Province)
  • The motivation behind is to provide free preschool education for vulnerable children 3-6 years old
  • The total number of students is 103(about 35 for each class)
  • Not only children become ready for primary school
  • Children become competitive for future scholarship and career
  • The chain of poverty is broken through education
  • The most important thing, they learn God’s Word based on Proverb 22.6

The Hope Nursery School commits to provide extensive resources and expertise relating to:

  • School continuous improvement
  • Use of new technologies
  • Teachers collaboration
  • Best research based educational practices
  • Professional development
  • Community partnership
  • The technical assistance of an international educational partner
  • On the ground support for the school effectiveness and governance processes

What we Do in Education


  • Children education: We focus on providing free quality early learning program. We know that early education is critical to ensure primary education readiness and future success
  • Feeding the children
  • Teachers training: We train our own teachers and other teachers and motivate them to improve their skills through training.
  • Tutoring/coaching: To teach and coach the upper primary students, so that they may be competitive with their peers at National Exam. The expected result is the higher score on National exam comparing to previous years.
  • Woman Literacy
  • Construction: We will build a school, which will serve as a community center with appropriate classrooms, conference room, library, kitchen, safe washrooms and sanitation facilities to create a productive learning environment for children and parents.