Children education

Hope Community School

Hope Community School was set up by Hope Assistance Foundation to implement its vision of providing educational services to the most vulnerable in society. The rationale behind the selection of this community is that in this sector there is no formal Preschool. In addition, these children come from poorest families and they cannot have access to that kind of education otherwise. By offering them free preschool education, they will be ready for primary school and become more competitive in the future. The chain of poverty will therefore be broken through education.

The mission of Hope Community School is to serve the Ndego Sector community with effective and innovative early educational and school governance practices rooted in research and evidence. These best practices will improve student learning and provide the richest educational opportunities available, including extended learning time and early childhood development activities for every student. We focus on providing free quality early learning programs. We know that early education is critical to ensure primary education readiness and future success.